We are committed to protecting the natural environment …

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Christian Dios
CEO of Realplast

Realplast is a leading company in the Spanish market specialised in recycling and compounding plastic.

Our mission is to satisfy thousands of customers just like you, providing them with the best service, top quality and responsible solutions for their specific needs.

This is something we accomplish every day thanks to our qualified team, where we are all professionals by nature.

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We have the resources to offer you all kinds of services …

Our potential as a company and our resources are organised around three key sectors: recycling, compounding and trading.

To cover them efficiently and sustainably, we innovate constantly and have next-generation technology that can provide you with all the customised services that your business needs. Most important of all, this comes with all guarantees.

However, we think that the best way to understand everything that we can do for you is to come see us.

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We use efficient plastic recycling processes with the least environmental impact for their redirect reuse as raw material to manufacture new plastic products.

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Our compounding processes include all actions to physically or chemically modify polymers through mixing and additivating to improve their properties.

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We specialise in the worldwide purchase and sale of plastic products for recycling and recyclables, virgin granules and additives for the manufacture of plastic.

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This is our production cycle at Realplast



… and provide responsible solutions for all your needs

We are constantly changing so we can always offer you the best responsible solutions. We do so quickly, always adapting to meet your professional needs and contributing to sustainable development.

This is our understanding of the calling of customer service, which we demonstrate with the quality of our services.

“We are constantly evolving so we can always offer you the best responsible solutions, and quickly”.



Certified Quality

Realplast is aware of the impact that its activity has on the environment and how it affects society in general. That is why Realplast management has promoted the commitment to apply a quality and environmental policy that protects and respects our environment.

Thanks to our constant effort to innovate, we are proud to have the EuCerplast certification that guarantees that post-consumer plastics are treated according to the best practices and with respect for the environment based on the traceability of plastic materials in the supply chain from the beginning of the recycling process to the final product.

We also have the Recycling Process certification from Recyclass, which shows its contribution to the management of plastic waste and transparently communicates the origin of the waste. This certificate grants credibility and confidence to all actors participating in the plastic value chain for a continuous increase in the use of recycled plastics.

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Our logistical capacity

We know that good logistics reduce costs and improve the level of customer service.

We have a national and international land and maritime logistic capacity for collecting and delivering materials that allows us to provide global coverage.

Locally, we have all the equipment necessary to ensure an excellent plastic waste collection service for suppliers within a 300-kilometre radius from one day to the next.

Our sales department is ready to provide solutions to customers and to enter each of the markets that many companies of the sector cannot reach.

We care about sustainability. That is why we export quality.

We manage the import and export of plastic waste, virgin granules, non-standard materials, substandard materials and petrochemical waste.

We have the infrastructure necessary to export products all over the world with all guarantees. We currently send products to Europe, Asia, North Africa, the United States, South America and other destinations.

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