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What is plastic recycling?

This is the process of recycling plastic waste from plastic item manufacturers and waste generated by human consumption that promotes the reuse of these materials and brings environmental benefits.

Recycling production cycle


What products can we offer you?

Our activities include the total processing of all plastic materials suitable for recycling that come from the industrial, fishing, agricultural and FMCG sectors.

At Realplast, we offer you the full recycling process, starting from the moment that our suppliers have the product ready to call our collection service.

When the plastic waste reaches our semi-classified facilities, we first store it and then carry out the treatment necessary to obtain clean and suitable raw material suitable for our customers’ direct use or for transforming companies to use in compounding.

We acquire the product in scrap, pellet or shredded plastic and we supply it shredded, cleaned and free of paper, metal or dust according to the granulometry required by our customers.

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The types of products that originally reach our facilities come from different markets. Once a product is unloaded, we weight it and sort it according its qualities.

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We innovate to recycle more and more

At Realplast, we have always been firmly committed to research and innovation. We have the latest generation of machinery and technological equipment, we attend the most important trade fairs and we closely follow the latest developments in the sector.

This all enhances our ability to develop and recycle more products every day according to our customers’ needs.


We have latest-generation machinery, equipment and technology like optical separators, iron separators, density separators and other types of processes for the treatment of plastic waste with iron and non-iron inserts coming from the FMCG sector, the post-industrial sector or from different mixed plastics.

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Plastic material recycling and storage

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